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What if you actually looked forward to Monday mornings?

Basset Hound Check-Up

We're redefining recruiting by starting with you, not the job.

Our goal is to understand your professional preferences.  We use criteria you set to see if any of the 2,000+ open positions our clients have across the nation might be a good fit.  If one is, we'll discretely walk through the interview process with you.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll keep an eye out let you know when something comes available.

Young Asian business woman receiving sal

Competitive Compensation

We're familiar with fair market in your area, and work with our clients to negotiate the best possible compensation package for you.

Full Service

-Resume & CV Writing

-Interview Preparation

-Compensation Package Negotiation

-Confidential Job Search

-Access to unlisted positions

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Sweating at the thought of going to work

No Fees

Sterling Partners WA never charges candidates for representation.

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