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Veterinarians - Interested in Exploring Career Options?

Dog and his Vet

Why use Sterling Partners WA recruiting firm?

Our job is to find the best possible fit for you.

We start with what you are looking for and introduce you to a variety of companies might be a good fit. 

  • Are you a big fan of surgery? How about exotics?

  • Looking for a leadership role? Or, need a mentor to encourage your love of orthopedics? 

  • Interested in flexible scheduling?

At Sterling Partners WA, we take the time to get to know your professional preferences.  Then, we discuss the differences between each client we have in your geographic area, and work with you to decide which may or may not be the ideal fit.

Full Service with No Cost to Candidates

Just a few of the services we offer, which never cost you as a candidate anything, include:

  • Resume / CV writing & polishing 

  • Interview preparation and coaching

  • Compensation Package Negotiations

    • Base Salary​

    • Production

    • Compensation Model Consideration

    • PTO 

    • CE 

    • Benefits

    • Relocation

    • Sign-On Bonuses

  • Confidential Job Searching

  • Access to Unlisted Job Openings

At the Vet
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